The Teacher Leader Podcast

Being a Learner and a Leader with Eva Mireles

January 26, 2021 Brittany Rincon Season 1 Episode 26
The Teacher Leader Podcast
Being a Learner and a Leader with Eva Mireles
Show Notes

In this episode, Eva Mireles and I chat about the importance of learning in teacher leadership development. Eva is a reading specialist and coach. She's also a budding entrepreneur, passionate about helping teachers find a realistic approach to teaching reading to avoid overwhelm and focus on creating meaningful and engaging experiences for students.

Here’s a recap of the episode:

  • Self-awareness helps a teacher leader to identify their learning needs and ask for help.
  • Establish accountability networks/mechanisms for your learning and development journey, for example, have a circle of trusted individuals who can give honest feedback on your creations.
  • Leading in today's digital world requires improving one's technical skills and seeking tech support.
  • Stoke your own inner fire through self-care and participating in online communities to remain motivated and continue inspiring others.

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