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How Podcasting Changed The Game with Joshua Stamper

February 02, 2021 Brittany Rincon Season 1 Episode 27
The Teacher Leader Podcast
How Podcasting Changed The Game with Joshua Stamper
Show Notes

In this episode, we chat with Joshua Stamper, a middle school Assistant Principal, former classroom Art educator, and athletic coach. He shares his professional learning and development journey from initially as a classroom educator to now a leadership coach, author and podcaster.

Here’s a recap of the episode:

  • Benefits of podcasting - discovering the power of your voice, meeting amazing people (especially other teacher leaders), building self-confidence as a speaker
  • As a podcaster, you get a chance to interrogate your philosophies and preconceived ideas when you interact with the experiences of other teacher leaders.
  • Professional learning networks will be instrumental to the development of teacher leaders in the foreseeable future
  • The education industry has a warm community of people ready and willing to help teachers who want to start podcasting.

Connect with Joshua on Twitter (@Joshua__Stamper) and Instagram (joshua__stamper). Also visit his website: and listen to the Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast

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